Establishment of the company and other service

Take advantage of our many years of experience and start a company at no extra cost! Our service includes a complete range of services throughout the entire existence of the compan.

We will set up a new limited liability company, and you will not pay an extra euro as you would have paid to set up a limited liability company. yourself. We have been engaged in business consulting for several years, and during our several years of experience we have established hundreds of new limited liability companies. The process of establishing a company is supervised by a lawyer with several years of experience.

With our service BASIC for 336,- Eur we will provide you:

  • preparation and printing of documents;
  • we will inform you about the whole process of establishing a company, namely the processing of business certificates and subsequent registration of the company in the relevant business register;
  • we will announce trades at the appropriate district office on your behalf, including five free trades;
  • we will send a proposal for registration of the company in the Commercial Register with all mandatory attachments;
  • we will pay you a court fee, which according to the currently valid annex of the SNR Act no. 71/1992 Coll. TARIFF OF JUDGMENT FEES - item 17 (a) (1) (2) withdraws EUR 331,50 from the application for the first registration of other legal persons;

The establishment of the company, of course, our service does not end. If necessary, we can assist you in making changes in your company, whether transferring business share, change of registered office, executive, as well as others. We can also provide bookkeeping services. If you decide to terminate your business, we will propose a suitable method of termination of your business, whether liquidation or otherwise, and we will assist you in this process until the company is completely deleted from the business register.