A comprehensive range of services in the management of a limited liability company also includes bookkeeping services.

We offer you accounting administration, whether in the case of Ltd. double-entry bookkeeping or, for sole traders - natural persons - entrepreneurs, single-entry bookkeeping. The problem is neither to ensure the processing of wages, nor to keep stock records. Tax registration and preparation of tax returns is a matter of course.

The indisputable advantage of using our services lies not only in saving money, but in one place the client gets a whole range of services that will ensure a successful start to business without any problems. This is guaranteed by our expertise in business in the form of a limited liability company.

As with other services and accounting, our company provides and guarantees maximum confidentiality. For this reason, you will not find information on companies using our services on our site.

The double-entry bookkeeping service includes, inter alia, the following records:

  • main book
  • analytical evidence of accounting
  • accounting journal
  • records of issued and received invoices
  • records of receivables and payables, balance
  • VAT registration
  • warehouse records
  • payroll
  • records of assets and depreciation
  • logbook and other records...

The resulting cost of bookkeeping depends on the scope of the business and the total number of accounting operations. The minimum price ranges from 30 to 50 Euros per month. Of course, the resulting price is determined by agreement of both parties. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Every client who has used our services of assisted company formation or renting the company headquarters, respectively. bought a new ready made company, automatically using a bookkeeping service gets a qualified certificate to create a guaranteed electronic signature for free. This certificate can be used without any problems for filing tax returns electronically without having to send documents by post.

Similarly, when using several services, the client automatically obtains better pricing conditions and discounts for other services offered by us.